Retail Solutions


Customer segmentation, in general, is a problem of grouping a set of customers into meaningful cluster, based for instance, on their buying behavior.

We have converted a vast collection of data into smaller number of actionable insights to understand customer behavior on certain key products at a major European wholesale retailer, using their loyalty program, to improve the profitability of the retail business.


For retail operators to track changes in customer behavior and buying patterns and improve profitability:

Targeted Marketing

Price Arbitrage

Products bought in combination with other products

Total amount of money spent per year; per visit

Store locations and promotional activities

Our clients can depend on our team to solve their complex data and enable their business to be exponentially more productive by leveraging intelligent applications into their day-to-day work process. Our tools can examine large amount of data identifying hidden patterns and unknown correlations for better and improved decision making.

Our goal is to provide competitive advantage through strategic operational advancement, effective marketing reach, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

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