Manufacturing Solutions

Intelligent Supply Chain

Our digital Supply Chain optimization tool can determine the optimum allocation level based on maximum return. The product assesses logistic capacities, identifies bottlenecks, and incorporates seasonal purchase activities to re-balance allocation. Market economics is evaluated real time to adjust for production changes and market shifts.


For Operators looking to unlock potential for margin improvements by optimizing logistics across integrated network:

Increase visibility on sales channels

Optimize product movements and logistics

Quantify competitive positions at each market

Maximize value chain profitability

Digital Inventory

Our Digital Inventory integrates seamlessly with the suppliers’ databases to collect and compare prices, analyzes pricing differences to learn best time to purchase; and prints out a report.

Our product allows for easy tracking of current stock, forward view of managing of inventory, and efficient ordering system for optimization.


For business owners to manage inventory and supplies for an accurate real-time accounting and tracking:

Uses digital technology to monitor usage, expiration, and ordering needs

Collect and compare prices automatically from various suppliers to obtain lowest cost without the need for staff or human interface

Creating report to understand usage

Support multiple platforms (mobile, tablet, web interface)

Our clients can depend on our team to solve their complex data and enable their business to be exponentially more productive by leveraging intelligent applications into their day-to-day work process. Our tools can examine large amount of data identifying hidden patterns and unknown correlations for better and improved decision making.

Our goal is to provide competitive advantage through strategic operational advancement, effective marketing reach, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

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